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A Place To Hide

I wrote another 100-word story for this month’s challange. This is another make-up piece.

In this story, a woman hides under her bed from her drunk, violent lover.


I hear him crashing around in the hall, falling over stuff, swearing and yelling my name.

I’m out of bed so fast it’s like I have wings on my back. I don’t even make a sound. I throw myself to the ground, trying not to scream when my bruised stomach hits the floor.

I’m starting to crawl under the bed when the door’s kicked open. He paces, ranting and raving.

He’s drunker than he’s been in a long time. The last time he was like this I spent a week in hospital with a broken arm and three cracked ribs.

Copyright © 2017 by Pamela Scott



I’m thirty-five years old and live in Glasgow in the UK with my partner of ten years. I work in a support team for a call centre. I like reading especially Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King. I write fiction and poetry. I enjoy watching TV (Grimm, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Lip Service, The L Word etc). I like to play video games and am a fan of survival horror especially the Silent Hill franchise. I like to watch movies especially horror and anything where someone dies.

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