The Return Of The Dirty Diva

Liz Lochhead was my first love.

I fell in love with
Dreaming Frankenstein
before I even knew
what a poem was or
that I could write them myself.

Liz’s words thrilled me,
caused a deep low-down
tickle that unnerved me.

Years passed and there were
many other poetic loves; Plath,
Pollard, Kay, Duffy, Auden
To name but a few.

I was quite sluttish,
easily swayed in my
affections by a good
couplet or a Sonnet.

Then I read her poem
The Dirty Diva Learns
A New Dance Craze
and fell head over feet again.

Oh Liz, you don’t half
know how to turn
a girl’s head.

Copyright © 2017 by Pamela Scott

The also appears on my Tumblr blog.


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