A Slip Of The Tongue

You can’t talk
your way out of this one.

I know I haven’t
been the best
husband. I’ve not
always told you how
I feel, spend more time
with my mates than you,
forget stupid anniversaries
like our first date or the
first time we had a meal

None of that makes
me a bad guy.

I fucking love you.
Even though I
don’t always know
how to say it.

I had the impression
you sort of love me as well.

We’ve been married
for almost 20 years,
share everything, have
three kids who drive
us mad most of the time
and have merged every
aspect of our lives.

So perhaps you can
explain what the hell
happened last night?

I remembered our
actual anniversary,
went out of my way
to have a special night,
cooked us a romantic meal,
bought expensive wine,
there were even candles and shit.

So maybe you can tell me
why afterwards, in bed,
when I was caressing,
touching and making
love to my beautiful wife –

she cried out another man’s name?

Try and sweet-talk your
way out of this one.

Go on.

I dare you.

Copyright © 2017 by Pamela Scott

This also appeared on Tumblr.



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