Empty Places

Leaving does not
mean you never loved me.

I know our love
was fierce once.
I know it in my heart.

There was a time,
too long ago,
when we couldn’t get enough
of each other, when we spent
days in bed, lost in the smell
and honey-taste of each other.

Your name used to be the first on my lips.

What happened to us?
When did we become
dull, predicable? When did
the passion burn out?

I could feel you from across
the room. Your words once
made my flesh hum.

When was the last time
we made each other feel anything?

So, you’re gone. I don’t
blame you. Removed every
trace of yourself from my life.
Absconded with our children.

I wish you’d taken me with you.

Copyright © 2018 by Pamela Scott

This poem is from my collection Exit Wounds, which focuses on the emotional impact of broken hearts.

The poem also appears on Wattpad and Tumblr.


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