Such Sweet Sorrow

I still love you. That
makes everything harder.
I love you but don’t want
to be with you. How can
such a thing be?

We’ve always been complicated.

I love you, not with the passion
of a wife/lover, but like someone
loves an old friend / beloved pet.

I don’t mean to be cruel.

I’m trying that honest
thing the last therapist suggested.

I don’t understand
what’s happened. Where
did out love go? How
can we get it back?
Can we find our way
back to each other?

My love for you has never wavered.

I love you as much today
as I did, the first time I laid
eyes on you, in the student bar
too many decades ago.

You still light up every
Room. Make my heart race.

I’ve known for a long time
you no longer feel the same way.

I got the message –
loud and painfully clear.

If you no longer want me
I won’t make you stay.

I let you go. With all my heart.


Copyright © 2018 by Pamela Scott

This is another poem for my collection Exit Wounds.

This also appears on Wattpad & Tumblr.



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