vodka haze,
too much music,
head pounding,
blood pumping

you dance, close
your eyes, sway
your body to the beat

vodka and coke
clutched in one hand,
raise your glass to
everybody / nobody

swallow the lot in one gulp

he starts to dance with
you, feel his body move
against you, voice whispers
filth in your ear, makes
blush, giggle

his arms around
your waist, grinds
into you, hands all
over you

come baby…
sexy lady…
come with me…
have a good time…

you follow him,
to the bathroom,
squeezing past
drunks, people
screaming / laughing

a willing lamb to the slaughter

it’s over before you realise it’s begun;

pushed against a cubicle, skirt up,
pants yanked down, hot and heavy
pushes into you, his hands everywhere,
his mouth bruises your lips, teeth biting

Copyright © 2018 by Pamela Scott

The poem is for my collection Exit Wounds.

It also appears on Wattpad and Tumblr.



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