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2017 Month-Long Writing Challenges

Kalender 2017 Deutsch by ferdinand.soetheI can be a bit unstable sometimes and give myself more and more to do until I reach breaking point.

2017 is going to be challenging enougfh launching myself as an independent author.

I’ve decided to make things even harder by undertaking a writing challenge every month. Each day of each month I will undertake a specific task that will lead to a new poem or story.

I’m clearly crazy.

This challenge won’t be my main writing (with the exception of NaNoWriMo but just an additional fun task. I will limit poems to a maximum of 50 lines and stories to a 100 words.

At the end of the year I will:

  • Have over 300 new pieces of writing, this is a massive achievement and not something to be laughed at
  • Have 11 new bookslets of stories or pamphlets of poems to publish. I won’t have 12 because I’ll do NaNoWriMo in November

I’ve brainstormed my projects for next year:

January Write a 100 word story every day on the theme love


February Take part in National Haiku Writing month


March Write a 100 word story every day – no theme


April Take part in National Poetry Writing Month


May Take part in Story A Day


June Write a poem in a different form every day


July Write poetry and stories on the theme of domestic violence – max 100 words / 50 lines


August Write poetry and stories on the theme of regret – max words 100 / 50 lines


September Write poems and stories that use popular myths as inspiration – max words 100 / 50 lines


October Write poems and stories on the theme of lost – maximum words 100 / 50 lines


November Take part in National Novel Writing Month,


December Write poems and stories on the theme of relationships – maximum words 100 / 50 lines



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Indepent Author Checklist

Free stock photo of businessman, working, writing, macbookSo I’ve spent a few days drawing up a checklist of tasks to complete on my journey to become an independent author.

The list has been split into two sections:

  1. Social Media
  2. Self-Publishing / Writing

I have ordered the tasks by importance. As I complete a task I will mark it off on the list:


  •       Get my Pinterest author site up and running
  •       Create logo, landing page etc. across all forms of social media for a universal feel
  •       Brainstorm post ideas
  •       Post about writing in general and not just my stuff
  •       Research blog tours
  •       Research possibilities for using Instagram
  •       Tweet and retweet several times a day
  •       Join FaceBook groups
  •       Schedule blog posts and tweets
  •       Update LinkedIn profile
  •       Change email for FaceBook / Twitter to gmail address


Ideas to consider at a later date:

  •       Think of podcast ideas
  •       Sign up for YouTube
  •       Buy a webcam and built in microphone



  •      Creative Action Plan
  •       Brainstorm ideas for 12 month-long writing projects in 2017 (i.e. NaPoWriMo)
  •       Get Paris Stories, 2010, My Heart Laid Bare, A Feast of Scraps and The Sinner’s Song (versions 1-7) and poem sequences ready to launch Jan-April 2017
  •       Research all possibilities with Cavna
  •       Create personalised stationary
  •       Research merchandise ideas using Vistaprint
  •       Create marketing tools such as mugs etc. for personal use
  •       Register with Smashwords
  •       Register with Lulu
  •       Register with KDP
  •       Research Tax
  •       Research book trailers
  •       Research FaceBook book launches
  •       Research NetGalley co-op’s
  •       Research beta readers
  •       Research advance reviewers
  •       Join critique group
  •       Join alliance of independent authors
  •       Buy a separate hard drive
  •       Start promoting books early December
  • Brainstorm mailing lists ideas and rewards
  • Complete proof-reading course via Chapterhouse
  • Lean to speak and write Gaelic
  •       Research creating audiobooks


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Writing Schedule W/C 7 November 2o16

Image result for TIMETABLE TEMPLATES FOR WRITERSIn order to discipline myself as a writer, I create a template of work to focus on every week.

I must admit that creating and using this has been sporadic and I’ve gone months without even looking at it.

This changes from now on.

I have a lot I need to achieve and work on and without some schedule to follow I will lose track of where I am and what I still need to do. I’m planning my next novel, working on a poetry collection and getting ready to self-publish plus I’ve downloaded a few guides that will be useful to read, signed up for some free courses to help me self-publish and I’m getting to grips with Scrivner.  A timetable is essential.

I work shifts and my shift will dictate how much writing I can get done before I head to work. Some weeks I will only have time for one task so work on something different every day while other weeks I will be able to work on two or three different tasks each day. Thankfully next week, commencing 7 November will be a week when I can work on at least three different tasks every day.

Here is my schedule next week:



  • PLAN Into The Darkest Places
  • FIRST DRAFT The Art Of Not Fitting In (poetry collection)
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • PLAN Into The Darkest Places
  • FIRST DRAFT Couplet (story)
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • PLAN Into The Darkest Places
  • FIRST DRAFT New Poems
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • PLAN Into The Darkest Places
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • PLAN Into The Darkest Places
  • MSLEXIA Guilty
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • SELF PUBLISH Research Smashwords
  • SELF PUBLISH A Feast Of Scraps
  • SUBMIT Poems & Stories
  • COURSE Free Blog School


  • SELF PUBLISH Research Lulu
  • SELF PUBLISH 20 Signs Things Are NOT Okay
  • SELF PUBLISH Author Resources Research
  • COURSE Free Blog School